Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Birthday Cake Tower Card

 I purchased the Whimsy rectangle die (Slim Line Waves) to use on another card, but I happened to 'find' the Penny Black 'tall cake' stamp in my rolling bin of birthday themed supplies.  Voila! I absolutely had to put them together.  By cutting a second frame of foam sheet, I was able to make a shaker card.  Using foam for the inner layer has its challenges as the foam sheet seems to distort slightly when going through the die cutting machine so it might be a good idea to cut several frame layers from card stock and glue them together. The background with balloons and banners was cut from a 12x12 Pebbles sheet (Birthday stack) and inlaid into the frame.
As you can see from this close up, I inserted some pastel sequins and glitter into the cavities before sealing them with a clear acetate sheet and the dotted aqua frame. I didn't put too much in because then the printed design of the paper would be obscured...just enough and there is some sparkle plus sound.
The Pebbles printed card stock just happened to have a 'Happy Birthday' banner that fit in the top two windows of the die cut cool is that?  Did you notice the stamped sentiment, ' Did someone say cake?' I happened upon the clear stamp in an Avery Elle set that was squished in that bottomless rolling Birthday bin.  I guess I CAN go craft shopping in my own room....just like my husband always says..LOL!  Happy crafting and shopping at HM Ben Franklin Crafts!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Doughnut Puns on Postage Stamp Frame Cards

 I do love play-on-word puns, so this Whimsy doughnut stamp set really caught my fancy. I also have a sweet spot for for postage stamps. (They are like mini works of art.) Since I just got the Pink & Main postage stamp die set, I thought that it might pair well with the doughnut stamp set.  For the card on the left, I placed the die slightly above the fold of the white card before cutting so that the front and back would be attached.  The card on right has just a die cut stamp shape attached to a blue folded card.
 I used the stamp die as a measure for the dotted and rainbow papers.  The blue label was cut with a Spellbinders die before stamping the sentiment and rubbing ink on the edges.
 I could not find speech bubble dies for the words on this card so I hand cut them and rubbed each one with ink pad dye before attaching them with foam dots.
 To make these doughnuts more realistic I added Glossy Accents and Bo Bunny Pearlescent Paint to the pink doughnut. I smudged a little glue onto the twisted doughnut before dusting it with glitter 'sugar'.
 I glued sprinkles (free from Whimsy) with Glossy Accents onto the round doughnut.  The glazed long doughnut was decorated like the other pink one.  These doughnut pun cards were fairly easy to create and I am happily adding them to my card stash.  Although the postage stamp frame added to the cheeriness of the card, I think next time I will use it to make a more stamp-like card, perhaps with a foreign country background and numerical pricing.  "Doughnut Stop Crafting!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Cameo, Pearls and Gemstone Necklace

Sometimes planning and finding just the right parts are the most time consuming phase of jewelry making. That was the case for this vintage cameo necklace.  The small pink coral hand carved cameo is not quite an antique (100 plus years old), but it is still a beauty discovered in a tray of antique store bits and pieces....priced at about $10-$20.  I hand wire wrapped the small pearls with gold filled 26 gauge wire from HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  The double strands of gemstones were purchased from a vendor at the Tucson Rock and Gem Show and were probably made by some super patient/skilled person in India.
In this close up you can see the detail of the cameo carving and delicate vermeil? (gold plating over silver) finding.  There was an extra loop on the bottom of the pendant so I added a pearl and gemstone dangle.  A long time ago I purchased the fancy sterling clasp from HM Ben Franklin Crafts just because it was pretty and I knew I would use it ....someday.  I think the filigree clasp with a safety catch is a perfect finish for this 'someday' project. This jewelry project made me very happy as it turned out better than I imagined and gives me more reason to search antique stores and hoard 'pretties' for future one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. The magpie bird keeps flying and searching for shiny things. LOL!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Tacos Puzzle Card

I was really excited to try out the Pink & Main puzzle die and I had a Whimsy stamp set that was still this card was the result.  Using light weight card stock from a marker paper pad, I stamped my Avery Elle 'happy anniversary' and Whimsy tacos/words.  Black Memento ink and Copic markers were used.  Next I used my Xyron adhesive machine to apply adhesive to the back of the stamped marker paper before I pressed it onto Doodlebug Design printed card stock from a 6x6  pad.  This two layered card stock sheet was now sturdy enough to die cut into puzzle pieces.  Because this puzzle has only 35 pieces, I didn't think it would be too hard to put it together to take the above photo...but I guess I'm not as good at puzzle making as I thought.  Mostly, the puzzle was hard to assemble because it kept sliding around....thin pieces made them non-interlocking, but three layers of card stock would have been impossible to cut with the die.  I suggest that you make a frame to assemble the puzzle on so the recipient won't get frustrated.  Also taking a photo of the card before die cutting into puzzle pieces would make life easier for the one who receives it.
Here is what the back of the card looks like disassembled. This would be a hard even for an expert puzzle maker. LOL!  I think I'll make a puzzle birthday card for my son but maybe I won't give him a photo guide or a puzzle frame....gotta keep his life challenging. Hahaha!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Rosemary and Olive Tempenade Scones

Are you doing more cooking these days?  I think it helps to keep busy and making something yourself is satisfying.  I was planning to make my usual cream scones but I lacked heavy cream.  What I had in my refrigerator was Greek yogurt and soymilk. While considering whether they would work in my usual scone recipe, I spied another recipe for savory scones.  I was intrigued and delighted that I had all the ingredients except for the heavy whipping cream.  Since I thought that the tang of yogurt would combine well with rosemary and olive tempenade, I decided to give this new recipe a try. Here is my altered version:

                                           Rosemary and Olive Tempenade Scones

2 cups whole grain flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons cold butter (cut into pieces)
2 tablespoons of olive tempenade
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves
1 cup Greek yogurt
4 tablespoons soymilk

Mix together flour, baking powder, and salt. Cut in the butter to make coarse crumbs. Stir in minced rosemary and olive tempenade.  Mix the yogurt with the soymilk and reserve 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Add the 1 cup + 3 T. of yogurt mixture to the flour mixture to form a dough.  Knead the dough on a lightly floured surface and roll out the dough into a 1/2" thick sheet. Cut the dough into 24 pieces.  Place the squares of dough on parchment lined baking sheets.  Brush the dough squares with the reserved yogurt/soymilk mixture.  Bake the scones at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

I made 24 scones from the recipe but they were elf-sized so next time I'll make bigger ones for people with big mouths...LOL!  If you are home with time to spare (who isn't?) give this recipe a try and feel free to alter it to suit what is in your refrigerator. Be creative and enjoy your edible experiment!

P.S. Besides crafting and cooking, I enjoy collecting vintage and antique ceramic pieces.  The flat bowl in this photo is one I purchased for very little....such a lucky find! It is well marked on the back so its origin and approximate age can be traced.  I love it because it is usable and hard to believe it survived approximately 100 years of use.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Welcome Precious Baby Boy Card

 I just couldn't wait to ink up the Stamp Market marbled background stamp.  I made a bunch of tests using various white and cream card stock and some ink pads I had floating around on my craft desk.  I experimented with cheap ink pads because I knew that eventually the colors would get muddy.  I dragged various colors along the design and misted the inked stamp with water. One of the resulting faux background papers had colors that I thought would make a great baby card.  Since I do need one in a few months, I began assembling the parts for a not 'too girly' baby card.  My favorite image in the Whimsy Stamp set is the giraffe so I made him the focal point.  This stamp set has a matching die set which included the BABY die that I used on pearlescent blue card stock..  I used the Lawn Fawn rectangle rickrack die to cut out a yellow card with the top fold still attached.  I would have left the card like this but then I noticed that the inside of the yellow rickrack card was smudged so I attached it to a plain blue folded card.  Now the card looks like a baby blanket which is appropriate....  YAY!...card saved! The die cut giraffe was colored with Copic pens.  The pretty pastel ribbon is a Heiko product. The mini heart shaped yellow buttons is from my stash of heart shaped embellishments.  Even though I never really had a direction for this card, I am happy with the outcome which made use of my newly marbled card stock.  If you are still staying home quarantined, stamp marbling will keep you amused for a long time and is less messy than real paper marbling. After my stamping session, I was rewarded by a stack of marbled backgrounds which you may see in upcoming projects.  Thanks for visiting this blog and please do return often...leave a comment if you have some spare time. Hugs!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Quilter's Card

 When I saw the Pink & Main quilt die, I knew it would make a perfect card for a friend of mine who can whip up quilts like magic.  Admiring her, I purchased a new sewing machine and some great fabric, but alas no quilt has magically appeared...sigh!  This quilt die has allowed me to sort of 'quilt'.  It was fun to cut out the red card stock border and punch out the inside pieces.  Next I die cut a second piece from printed card stock.  I used a glue pen (Martha Stewart) to adhere the red quilt frame to the card front and add in the printed pieces.  The Ai stamp was stamped and colored in with Copic pens before fussy cutting and attaching to the card with adhesive foam squares.  The sentiment that came with the Ai set was printed on a rectangle of scrap paper and attached with Heiko double stick tape.  I photographed two versions of the card to show you how just changing the printed paper and arrangement of the elements can make a difference in the look of the final product.  I like the card on the left; my husband likes the other one.  The insides of the cards were left blank because that way I can use them for thank you, birthday, or any occasion cards. (Click on the top photo if you want to see the details of the cards.)  If we are still on lockdown and you need craft supplies, you can try calling HM Ben Franklin Crafts to get a drive-by pick up. As always, it is our privilege to serve you and we hope you will continue to be our loyal customers. Happy Crafting!