Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Card Making

Sorry, I haven’t written an entry for a while. I’ve been doing lots of crafting and product testing. Some of the results will appear in the next newsletter. I’m sure most of you have busy lives too, and often don’t have the time to make a card, not to mention craft a handmade gift. Even a full-time crafter like me needs a quick card solution sometimes. With a supply of Martha Stewart stationery on hand, it’s easy to put together a classy looking card in under five minutes. (See photos. Click to enlarge.)
The wedding card is made simply from a dimensional wedding cake sticker, silver wood grain ribbon, and a printable card with a wood grain lined envelope (from the MS set). Adhere the ribbon to the card with Merikan double-stick tape. I think the ribbon really matches the card and envelope. Because the card is computer printable, you can print a photo of the couple along with the wedding date to personalize the card and make it a beautiful addition to a scrapbook page.
The baby card is sweetly simple. By putting pop-up dots behind the hippo sticker (peel off the sticker back first) and powdering (with cornstarch or baby powder) the sticky part of the sticker, you can add a dimensional look to the rather plain eyelet stationery. The welcome little one sticker seemed just perfect for the super simple new baby card. Of course you could add sticker or rubber stamped flowers if you have more time to spend. Make it quick, make it easy, and make it handcrafted…..


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