Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mini Scrapbooks as Party Favors

Before I start writing about party favors, let me just add that I’m sorry that the pedestal cake plate photo doesn’t show the glass base very well, but I think you can imagine what it looks like. If you enlarge the picture by clicking on it, the larger picture shows the entire cake plate better. Also on the other side of the wooden CD frame I adhered a rub-on, which says, “the things I love about you” and then I added lots of Dymo printed labels with what I think are my son’s best qualities. I forgot how much fun it is to use the Dymo label maker (everyone labeled everything with it in the 60’s or 70’s. (See photo.)
Well, back to the mini scrapbook kits. There are several companies who have kits, which include all the embellishments needed to complete a project. I am particularly fond of K and Co. kits because they have sparkly do-dads, ribbons, paper, etc. From their Berry Sweet line I made the little purse with a few changes. (See photo.) I thought that the flower on the front was too big and stiff so I punched out another one (using a Magic Punch) and K and Co. paper that was printed on one side and glittered on the other. I think it’s fun to change up the kit projects to suit your taste and you can always incorporate the extra items from the kit into another project. Anyway, the inside pocket was large enough to accommodate several photos so I was happy to quickly scrap a two-day visit with my sister. We did lots of shopping on that trip, so the purse shape of the mini-book seems appropriate. After making the kit I thought that the low cost might make it a great party favor for a young girl’s birthday. The guests could take instant photos or you could quickly print up digital ones. Making the booklet would be good party activity. If you have too many guests to afford the kits, perhaps you could make a simple purse from cardstock and supply embellishments, paper, and tools to your guests.

Okay, back to work on graduation cards and the next newsletter…Lynn

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