Sunday, September 7, 2008

OCD - Obsessive Crafting Disorder

My family will attest to the fact that I have a definite crafting disorder. My brain seems to work non-stop on craft projects and I can't throw away anything with craft potential. Recently, while trying to discard some old craft magazines, I gave them a last thumb through and saw an interesting use for metal containers like baking powder, spice tins, cocoa powder, etc. I save lots of tins with covers because of their attractive graphic designs but never really put them to good use. This old craft project showed how to turn tins with covers into candles. This was a perfect use for my tins especially because I recently learned that a lit candle is good for burning off the chemicals released from a onion that make you cry when slicing it. Having a food related candle filled tin in the kitchen made sense and would be attractive.

I bought the candle wax (beeswax), wicks, color, and scent from Ben Franklin Crafts. I intended to make the candles by melting the wax in a can placed in a pot of boiling water, but my husband bought (while traveling) some soy wax that was microwaveable. Hopefully, we will soon have this soy wax in Ben Franklin Crafts. Anyway, using whatever kind of wax you purchase, you can easily make lots of clever gifts and craft fair items to sell. I even made a Spam Lite candle for my Spam-loving son who hopefully, will appreciate the humor. See photo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn
I just so love this idea it is right in order with the go green idea recycle i soon will be making some spam,vienna candles ALOHA one happy crafter