Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decorating Around the House

Selling now at BF Crafts is a realistic looking berry wreath from Sierra Pacific. I like that the berries range in color from red to blackish red. (See the photo.) With very little effort the wreath adds a rustic charm to our home. Also, I plan to snip off a few sprigs from the wreath and use them to decorate gift packages and Hearty clay cupcake ornaments. I think I should add a big bow to the wreath.

I am very fond of the rolls of extra wide ribbon which is meant to be wrapped around a Christmas tree. I use them with plain or textured foil wrapping paper to make a spectacular presentation. This year I paired the gauzy, sparkly ribbon with the bling-bling Swarovski crystal word ornaments. I took off the dinky ribbon that came with the ornament and replaced it with a generous length of ribbon. (See photo.) I think I will also attach a large jingle bell at the bottom of the ornament to add jingle, jingle to the bling, bling!

Here is a picture of the stocking I just finished for my son. I always felt guilty that his stocking was made in a rush long ago and I never made a better one after all these years. This year I found an inexpensive felt stocking at BF Crafts and decorated it with wool roving using the felting technique and Clover tools. I'm rather proud of the way the stocking turned out and my son liked it too! I lightly sketched the snowman with a white color pencil and then just started felting with the needle tool. To add some sparkle I glued on sequins and a large snowflake. Later I plan to embroider my son's name on the cuff of the stocking.

Thanks for the comment, Betsy G. I don't know the answer to your question about the Swarovski crystal tree pendant because I did not design the project. I think I saw the crystal tree at the Bead Shoppe in Ben Franklin Crafts so perhaps you can visit the store or call to ask someone about the project. I think there might even a free project sheet for the crystal tree. Good luck and thanks for reminding me that I wanted to pick up the parts to make the crystal tree earrings.

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