Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

We just returned from Honolulu and Easter just hopped up on us. I guess I won't be writing a project write-up for the egg card but I hope that you could follow my brief instructions if you wanted to copy it. I've been busy baking hot crossed buns. This year I tried Martha Stewart's new recipe with cherries in it. It was just as good as her mother's original hot cross bun recipe and includes very similar ingredients. Both recipes are on the Martha Stewart website. Because the buns were going to a neighbor's dinner I wanted to make a fancy presentation. A recycled basket was easily decorated with tuile ribbon (comes on a roll and is usually used for weddings), lavendar paper twist ribbon, wired pastel garland, and a mini stuffed rabbit. Oh, I filled the bottom of the basket with Easter grass and covered it with green plastic wrap to keep the buns clean. Have a Happy Crafty Easter!

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