Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bubble Card

Most cardmakers have seen the dewdrop or water droplet acrylic bubbles for sale in little bottles or containers. I purchased some awhile ago and so I was surprised to find giant bags of the stuff in the Craft in the City store (Bishop St.). It was there that I learned that the Hilo store also just got a supply. The bags are so large that I decided to repackage them (for the Hilo store) into smalller bags of two colors so that paper crafters can afford to get several colors. I love these fun little bubble dots because they come in juicy colors that seem to glow. Be sure to get some to make champagne bubbles on your New Year's Day cards.
This year I resolve to tidy up my craft room (and the WHOLE house) before starting on Valentine projects. (I love hearts so I can't wait to use all the new Valentine items coming to the stores.) I wish you the best in 2010 and hope that crafting will prosper in your life this year! Stay healthy and you will be happy!

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