Thursday, September 1, 2011

Laliberi and Wilton Products

I know that many of you have embraced the Vintaj jewelry line carried at Ben Franklin Crafts and have been looking for an update on that trend. I discovered new products from Laiberi (EK success) which I think will pair well with the Vintaj jewelry findings you already love. This line of jewelry pieces includes some modestly priced brass findings as well as colorful flower parts. Also in the line are kits to make starting very easy and an instruction book to give you great ideas. I can't wait to start creating and wearing this Paris couture style jewelry! These Wilton products are really something new to the world of cake decorating. With the holidays quickly approaching, I know many crafters are going to be bakers who make cupcake treats and delicious cakes. For me the most time consuming part of baking is the decorating but of course, the prettier the cake the better it tastes.....right? To help the home baker Wilton has created a system of punch out sugar paper decorating. The colorful printed and solid sugar sheets can easily be punched out in shapes (heart, star, butterfly, etc.) or borders. These punched out designs can then be placed on the icing and voila .....instant decoration in minutes! Can't you just imagine the excitement these professional decorations will cause? Everyone will think you are so talented. Go shopping and try something'll be glad you did!

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Cheryl said...

I haven't ried that new cut, punch and decorate line from Wilton. It does look quite easy. But as you said, the decorating is what takes time. Have a great holiday weekend!