Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Sand Dollar Jewelry

As I mentioned in the last post, I am determined to use sand dollars in my jewelry despite their fragile nature.  For this pendant, I put clear packing tape over the front of the sand dollar after wire-wrapping a bail for it.  Then I poured UV resin on the back of the sand dollar and used a UV light to set the resin.
After the resin was cured (about 5-10 min.), I added a chain to the bail and then attached the sea horse charm, aquamarine faceted teardrop, and wire-wrapped pearl.
Here is a back view of the resin coated sand dollar.  You can see a bit of the resin through the holes of the shell so perhaps next time I will fill the holes with beeswax before applying the resin.  I think the beeswax could be removed after the resin hardens.  I am very pleased with the end result of this sand dollar pendant because I can now wear it without fear of breaking it.  I hope that you will try making your own sand dollar jewelry for yourself and for Christmas gifts.  This style of jewelry is easily constructed and would make a lovely bridal shower gift or bridesmaids' gifts.  Happy Crafting!


Leanne said...

oh another lovely addition. These colors are beautiful. Gorgeous Lynn!

eunice said...

Wow Lynn, your sand dollar pendant is absolutely stunning! I wasn't aware of the fragile nature of sand dollars but your solution of reinforcing it from the back with resin is genius! Love the colors you pretty!