Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finding the Findings for Unique Necklaces

 I love acquiring interesting objects to craft into jewelry. The three pieces of ancient Roman glass used in this necklace were discovered at a recent trade show in Tucson. They were part of a loosely strung cotton string necklace. By simply wire wrapping three of the pieces with silver wire and attaching them to a crysophrase chain, a one of a kind necklace was created.  I added some antique looking chain and a clasp to further enhance the 'just found in an ancient ruin' look.
For this piece, I wanted to keep the look clean and simple like the quartz crystal. I found just the right chain that had angular flat sided links.  I wanted the crystal to stand out so I just hung it from a piece of silver wire and wrapped it onto the chain.  The clasp was likewise chosen for the simple clean line of the s.s. lobster claw. Probably all of the silver parts for these necklaces can be purchased at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  You will need to keep an eagle-eye lookout for those 'special' parts that will be the statement for your jewelry. Making jewelry like this is a fun hobby.  I enjoy the hunt for the one-of-a-kind parts as much as I like making the pieces and wearing them. Hope you will give it a try!


Annette Allen said...

very pretty..

Maire Gamber said...

What a beautiful necklace! I am a beginner at beading but finding it to be very addictive! I love the wire wrapped stones. I have a book.... must just sit down and try it1 Thank you for sharing your gorgeous project!