Thursday, August 11, 2016

Butterfly Anniversary Card

 This card is for someone who is suffering with Shingles (a painful rash disease....get vaccinated today!). Hopefully, it might cheer her up to know that I remembered her anniversary. ( I thought that a get well card would only make her more painfully itchy.)  Unfortunately, my photography skills are limited so I wasn't able to get a really good shot of this card, which has some delicate sparkly parts. Originally, I planned to make an all white card but then I spied an old pack of DCVW tucked into a stack of my card stock papers and the blue sheet seemed perfect for this card.  For the die cut vellum I used the Sizzix die from the set (available from HM Ben Franklin Crafts) that has two other really beautiful dies. For adhesion to the card I sprayed the die cut vellum with Elmer's spray adhesive.  The silver sentiment was produced by stamping the Paper Smooches words in silver ink and embossing with silver powder. Tip: If you need to 'fix' some letters just use a silver gel pen and re-emboss.  A Martha Stewart vellum butterfly and some half pearls were added to embellish the card. For my next post I will attempt to make an all white card....*wink-wink*
For those of you who are interested in the answers to what was in my photos shown on a previous post: 1) tomato server (in Victorian times tomatoes were exotic so special implements were designed to serve them) 2) candle snuffer (the box part extinguishes the flame and the pointed part probably was for lifting up the wick) and 3) quahogs, cherry stone, or steamers.  Sadly, no one guessed any right answers so I suppose the contest was too hard.

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