Friday, January 20, 2017

Fortune Cookie Birthday Card

Here is the second birthday card I made for my dear hubby.  We eat a lot at Panda's and always get fortune cookies. My husband saves the fortunes (even the junk ones) in a jar. Why? I honestly don't know. We now have a large mayo jar filled to the brim with fortunes . . . hehehe!  Anyway, when searching for some other supplies, I 'found' this Lawn Fawn stamp set in my collection and it was still uninked!  Because of his habit of collecting fortunes (paper ones), I knew I could make an appropriate birthday card for my husband.
It was easy to stamp the cookies on light brown card stock with brown ink and add brown chalk to give it some dimension.  I glued the fortunes into the cookies and used foam stickers to raise all the pieces off the main card. I left the fortunes unglued so they would be just like the real ones you get in the cookies.  As with the card on my last post, this one also has a space on the striped card for a birthday message.  I think I'll give my man the donut card this year and save this one for next year....hmmm, maybe I'll do the opposite...still can't decide!

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yyam said...

This one is perfect for that he keeps all the fortunes!:)