Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wrap-Around Silver Plated Bracelets

 I saw a bracelet like these in an art gallery shop on the east coast and I thought, "I could make it", but I bought it anyway  so I could inspect it.  These bracelets are for gifts and to sell in MY LOCKER box in Hilo. (Ask an employee at HM Ben Franklin Crafts if you don't know about the MY LOCKER program where you can sell your handmade crafts.) It was pretty easy to assemble the bracelets using silver plated stringing wire, curved silver plated tubes and assorted stones, Czech glass beads, shells, pearls, and silver plated or pewter beads. Almost all of these parts were purchased at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.
Here is what the bracelet looks like unwound and unclasped.  Depending on the size of the wearer, the bracelet can be wound around the wrist and fastened or fastened then slipped over the hand. The photo below shows how I organize the metal parts.  By slipping the plastic bags (I put them in bags if they come in hard to open packages) over a metal shower curtain ring, I am able to easily see the part I need and retrieve it without searching through a pile of little bags.

I am very proud of my 'copy-cat' bracelets and I plan to make more.  They look great worn and help to use up the loose assortment of beads that I often end up with after finishing other jewelry projects. I think, if you are a crafter with basic jewelry making skills and tools, you will be able to make bracelets like these. Give it a try!  Happy Crafting!


Shirley N said...

You always make beautiful jewelry Lynn, and these are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Wowie, your bracelets are gorgeous and would be so much fun to wear. Totally love them.