Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wax Seal Tags

 Wax seals are not new.  In fact, they were used way back in the days when people actually sent handwritten letters and needed to seal documents. However, the seals shown here were made in a new way with the use of a wax melting gun, wax sticks, and a metal stamper.
 Rather than melting the wax directly onto the tags, I chose to melt the wax into a blob on a silicone, heat resistant sheet (the kind crafters use to keep their work surface clean).  Then I carefully pressed the metal stamper into the wax and let it cool.  Once cool, the hardened wax discs were used like medallions on my tags.
 By varying the ribbons and twine many different looks were achieved from a single piece of scrap paper plus the Lawn Fawn stamp and die sets (from HM Ben Franklin Crafts).
 There are lots of wax colors and sealing coin designs available at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  Since I only have a few types, I know I will be back shopping at BFC to get more colors and seal designs.  Oh, this is a good tip:  If some of the pressed wax seals are less than attractive, they can be remelted with the use of a heat gun and re-pressed with the metal seal. This is a good way to make multi-colored wax coins which are very attractive. Okay...go shopping and create something pretty!


eunice said...

I LOVE this!!! I remember using sealing wax a long, long time ago to seal envelopes of letters to all my penpals as a child. LOL, I also remember getting BURNED often from the flame! This is such a COOL idea to use a heat gun! Your tags turned out beautifully and I know I definitely want to give this a go. Your idea of dropping the wax onto the silicone mat is a great tip, as well as the idea about reheating with the heat gun.

yyam said...

How pretty are these! LOVE the colours of those wax seals!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

The wax seals are awesome. It's great that you can remelt and repress. Very nice embellishment.

Annette Allen said...

love how you used the sealed wax and the added ribbon is pretty..

Barbara said...

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