Saturday, June 15, 2019

''So Much Pun' Cards in Minutes

 I love silly word puns, so when I saw the new line of Doodlebug Designs selling at HM Ben Franklin Crafts, it was a no-brainer that I would be making some cute, funny cards.  The bases for these cards come from the Doodlebug Designs pack which has several styles and colors of cards and envelopes.
 For this outer space card, I started by flicking with a brush some Liquitex silver ink onto the black front of the card  Once it was dry, I added the colorful card stock from the Doodlebug Designs 6x6 pack to the lower front flap. Next I adhered the Doodle Pop stickers and word die cuts....card one done!
 On this card I used double stick tape to attach the colorful DB food print to the top half of the card.  With the addition of the layered Doodle Pop hamburger sticker, the french fry sticker and a word banner, the card was finished faster than the time it takes me to eat a real burger and fries!
I wanted to show you what the inside of the flap looks like because the sticker extends beyond the edge.  I wiped the exposed sticker with cornstarch so that it wouldn't stick to the front flap of the card when it was engaged.  I hope you will check out the new line of Doodlebug Designs 'So Much Pun' at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  I know your brain will be flooded with card and tag ideas as soon as you see these colorful,clever products. Have 'Pun' Crafting!


eunice said...

OMGosh. how cute is this! Always love Doodlebug cuteness and these cards you created are bubbling with cuteness. I especially like how you did the hamburger card with the unique tab closure... that looks like it would make a very cool gift card holder... gotta remember to try that!

yyam said...

Ooooh...these are super cute!!!! Love puny cards!

Annette Allen said...

Got to love Doodlebug and these are adorable.. very creative