Saturday, January 4, 2020

Rainbow 2020 Calendars

Happy New Year!  This seems like the perfect time to create some bright, non-seasonal calendars.  I had four mini Vippies calendars left, a Japanese wood-block style rubber stamp, and a Colorbox rainbow ink pad which I decided to incorporate into this project.  Like the previous calendars I posted, these calendar bases were made simply from card stock ( white with little colored speckles). First I measured a piece 5"x 7" and marked on the 7" side (top and bottom) 1/2", 1-1/4", 2",  and 4-1/2" .  Then a bone folder and ruler were used to score between the marks.
Once the card stock piece is folded, use the rainbow pad to color the front panel. A piece of paper towel wadded up can be used to pat on more color or blend colors.  Apply ink to the stamp and stamp onto the side of the base that will show up the design best. Dust on shimmering pearl NUVO embossing powder and heat emboss.  Fold up the calendar base and attach ends with double stick Heiko tape.  Add color with color pencils and shiny/matte color dot stickers.
As with the other calendars, I plan to pass these out to friends or enclose in thank you cards.  I am so proud of myself....this is the first year I used up all of my calendars!  I bought less this year. Hahaha!  Hope your year is off to a bright and cheerful start. Smile everyday!

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