Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hi! I’m Lynn, the editor of the craft newsletter. This is my first blog entry. I enjoy reading other artist’s and crafter’s blogs so I decided it might be interesting and informative for you to read about my adventures in crafting. While this will not be a daily log of my activities, I will try my best to keep it updated regularly.
This has been a pretty good crafting week for me. I put together two kits and two finished necklaces, which we hope to offer for sale soon on the Ben Franklin Crafts Club site. Tentatively, we are calling this new venture ‘Extra Goodies’ because we will be selling a limited amount of sometimes one-of-a-kind, bargain items discovered while on shopping sprees here and abroad. When I see an item, which I know is under-valued and has crafting potential, I buy multiples. Now, I don’t have to feel guilty because I don’t have a project in mind. I know that I can pass my good shopping fortune on to you.

Besides getting this blogging site going, I actually finally taught myself the basics of using metal clay. This is something I have wanted to do for years. I actually had all the supplies for over a year but for some reason I always had an excuse not to get started. Do you have the procrastinator’s gene too? Anyway, my first silver beads were a success. (See photo. Click on image for larger viewing) I am really pleased and now I wonder why I waited so long. Maybe someday I’ll be good enough to teach a silver clay class or offer some of my finished jewelry for sale.
In the future I hope that this site can be opened for others to enter their craft blogs. I have started making short videos of craft techniques and it is my hope that we can figure out how to get it on our site. The first one is about stringing pearls. Maybe someday we will offer the newsletter online too. That would mean a savings of postage, printing costs, and trees!

Well, keep crafting…..

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