Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas!

Now that the rain is here, it finally feels like we can wear sweaters and jackets and pretend that the precipitation is liquid snow. Today, I did a five-minute job of spray painting three Martha Stewart acorn ornament boxes. Design Master copper spray blended well with the chipboard color of the acorns, so I didn’t feel I needed to cover every inch of the acorn. I sprayed an overcoat of gold glitter Design Master paint and it added just the right touch of sparkle. As usual I did my spray painting in an extra large Ben Franklin Crafts plastic bag to minimize the mess and spread of fumes. To keep paint off the acorn hanging cord, I wrapped a piece of paper towel around the cord before spraying. Later I might add a plaid ribbon and red pips or jingle bells to further dress up the acorns. I think they are now the perfect place to hide some Christmas cash from Santa and I wish that I had purchased the pinecone boxes, too.

Ah, next year….

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