Friday, March 14, 2008

Ah, Done at Last

Well, the next newsletter is off to be printed so I can relax for a while. To amuse myself I made a humorous Easter card. At least I thought it was humorous, but my hunny bunny and baby bunny did not think it was funny, so I guess I’ll be sending the card to my funny bunny, the White Rabbit hiding out in his Honolulu burrow. The rabbits on the front of the card were made with a Martha Stewart rabbit punch and the inside honeycomb egg is actually from a package of hanging Easter egg decorations. See photo (of the card, not the White Rabbit).
I’m not a gardener (probably because I dislike dirt and sun), but I wish I had flowers in my yard. Luckily, I have a neighbor, Laura, who does have a green thumb so I get to enjoy seeing her flowers. Thankfully also there are numerous floral themed craft supplies available at Ben Franklin Crafts. I am very fond of the dimensional flower stickers by Martha Stewart and Jolee’s. In the coming weeks I hope to utilize spring flowers in my website projects. I have lots of ideas for Mother’s Day and graduation crafts but for now I think I’ll sit back and dream a little while reading some issues of craft magazines…. ahhhh…. spring break!


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