Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi Donna!

I recently talked to Donna who works at the Hilo BFC and she told me that she reads my blog late at night when she is not making cards. So Hi, Donna! I hope your card making is going well and you are thinking up some great ideas for your class.
Besides talking to Donna, I did SOME shopping at the store, of course. I found a Magic Punch that I didn’t see before, the double petal flower. It makes a super cute flower, which works really well with paper printed on one side and solid colored on the other. I also picked up some Sizzlet die cutters for my machine. I’m sure that they would work in the Big Boss, too. The two tag shapes I bought have lots of possibilities.
As usual I found more scrapbook paper than I really need, but they were so pretty. I like the new floral papers from
Me and My Big Ideas and S.E.I. Lots of the companies have glittery flower stickers and rub-ons, which coordinate with the papers. It’s so easy to put together cards and album pages when everything matches. Spring colors, flowers, and cute animals what could be more inspiring?
I can rarely pass the Bead Shoppe without finding something that makes my beading fingers itch. This shopping trip I noticed some carved stone pendants. They reminded me of the jewelry that the lead actress wears on the TV show, ‘Bones’. The jewelry on that show is fabulous and has an antique, sometimes earthy look. Anyway, I thought pairing the large carved pendant with some carved green chalk beads and agate and then stringing them on dark brown silk thread would give me the ancient look I wanted. See the photo. (Click to enlarge.) I made this necklace extra long (30”) so it would be more dramatic and used an S-hook clasp so that I can add more strands if needed. I’ll try to put this project on this website soon.

Lynn (Good night, Donna.)

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