Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Soap Cake Idea

As promised, I will show you photos and explanations of what I saw or purchased during my recent trip. This first item was seen in a consignment craft store. It is a bar of soap made to look like a piece of cake. I think the creator poured a layer of opaque colored soap into a cake or pie pan and then poured a thinner layer of soap (with uncooked rolled oats in it) on top. Ben Franklin Crafts should probably have all the soap making ingredients you need to make a similar product. The soap was scented with something yummy (probably vanilla or coconut). Once the soap was removed from the dish (grease it with cooking oil or line it with plastic wrap); it was sliced into wedges and wrapped in plastic wrap. For decoration the original soap cake had raffia and artificial roses attached but I thought that Hearty Clay roses would look more like frosting and they could be simply glued to the plastic wrap. The consignment booth had lots of fun dessert items to make from soap (like pies, cupcakes and cookies) and I thought that crafters who like doing bazaars or craft fairs could make saleable soap items for Christmas.

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