Friday, July 18, 2008

Spiral Links

No, this post is not about website links. It's about forming spiral jewelry links. While shopping on my vacation, I purchased a very simple necklace. The vendor said the piece was made in Peru. It had a primative, handmade look that I appreciated. The spiral links on the piece intrigued me for their functionality and simplicity. (See photo.) What I didn't like about the necklace was the dull finish of the metal (perhaps nickel). Also the spiral link had an undecorated straight piece of wire in the back, which I find unattractive. Using sterling wire and stringing a bead on the back wire were my attempts to improve on the design of the spiral link.

The fish beads and irridescent bead I used on one side of the spiral links could be replaced by any small flat bead. I used 24 gauge round sterling wire for most of the bracelet except the hook clasp, which was formed from 20 gauge wire. If your beads are heavy, you may want to use 22 gauge round wire. The fish beads are from Darice; the spiral glass bead was purchased at BF Crafts; and the others came from a package of Dress It Up beads called 'Key Lime Pie'. (See photo of finished bracelet.) I think I might make another bracelet in this style, using copper wire and ceramic beads. Write to me if you want a description of how to form the spiral link.

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