Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Camera Is Back

Okay, my camera is back in action. (See the photo of the thank you card using the small flower punch.) I recently completed the Bejing Olympic Necklace pictured with this blog entry. Overall, I'm pleased with the results especially because I was able to combine a majong tile and vintage kimono fabric in one project. I love the textures and colors on the necklace because I feel they add an interesting Asian look.

To make the fabric covered bead simply cut a swatch of fabric 1"x 3"and glue it on to a 25mm wooden bead using Fabri-tac glue. Then string the bead on a wire and glue the bead caps down using the wire to position the caps over the bead holes. Once the glue is dry, remove the wire. It's best to use a slightly stretchy fabric and cut tiny darts in the fabric around the bead holes so that there will be a minimal amount of wrinkles. We will try to offer majong tiles with double holes and vintage Asian fabric on our website for those of you who want to try to make this necklace. The instructions for this project will appear shortly on the website.

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