Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Photos

For about one week there will be no photographs with my blog posts because my camera is on a trip. I hope that you will continue to read, learn, and enjoy my blog minus the pictures. I will post appropriate photos later.

A few days ago we celebrated our _ _ th wedding anniversary. (I'm not telling you the number of years we've been married because you'll either think I'm really old or that I got married at ten years old.) Anyway, we agreed to just exchange cards because we had already spent way too much on our last vacation during which we purchased gifts to ourselves. For most occasions I prefer to make a scrapbook page instead of a card because it involves about the same amount of work but gets saved in an album or framed for display.

This year we took a fairly decent picture at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco so I decided to use it for the anniversary page. When I think Fisherman's Wharf, I think crabs (the eating kind). It wasn't difficult to find lots of crab/seashore embellishments. One large Jolee's sticker of a crab really appealed to me. Despite the somewhat high price for one sticker, I knew the crab would make the page outstanding, so I bought it. To add humor to the page, I postioned two sticker wine glasses in the crab's claw and wrote a funny caption. Of course I labelled the event with a date and place. It was such a simple page, but I thought it really captured the mood of our anniversary. The page will stay on display in a wrought iron easel (from Ben Franklin Crafts) for a while and later be put into a scrapbook.

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Wire glasses and a crab claw- how appropriate for an old cr... wait. Nevermind.