Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red Velvet Valentine

Did you know that the 8-1/2"x11" velvet-like paper sold at Ben Franklin Crafts can be embossed with an iron and a rubber stamp? Years ago I saw (on the Carol Duval craft show) velveteen fabric being embossed by ironing it over a rubber stamp. To use this technique for paper place the rubber stamp (rubber side up) on the table and spray both sides of the paper with water. Place the fuzzy side of the paper on the rubber stamp and press a moderately hot iron onto it without sliding.

When I saw the red faux velvet paper at Ben Franklin Crafts, it instantly reminded me of a red velvet heart-shaped box of chocolate I once received for a Valentine's Day gift. I decided to use the red velvet-like paper to try to create a card with the look of the luscious chocolate box. I still smile when I look at that red velvet candy box (that now holds jewelry) and I'm happy that this card conveys some of the sweetness of the occasion. I still have the chocolate too, but it's on my hips now! (Watch for the instructions for this project on the craft club website.)

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Unknown said...

I really like this's simple yet elegant! I really love the embossed red velvet idea. I'll look out for it on the website.