Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wilton Chocolate Pro

I've always wanted a chocolate melting machine that would keep chocolate tempered so that I could make candies. Most of the machines I've seen ranged in price from $100 to $300+. Not knowing if I would enjoy chocolate making I've been reluctant to spend the money on a professsional machine. After Christmas Donna at Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts showed me the Wilton Chocolate Pro. This inexpensive machine is supposed to allow the home cook to keep real chocolate at an even temperature for candy making or fruit dipping. Because of the low cost, I was doubtful that it would work as advertised. However, I was very, very pleased with the results of my first attempt at chocolate candy making without using the microwave.

The photo shows the gift of chocolate dipped crystalized ginger and apricots that I am sending to my sister for her birthday. Since Donna was the one who showed me the wonderful Wilton Chocolate pro, she will receive the extra candy. Thanks Donna! This machine is probably the best thing I've bought recently.....and I shop alot! Next I'm going to try molded candies.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn
You are very welcome sure glad you like this product, I also want to get me one. umm chocolate dip strawberry & cookies I am inspired. Thank you so much for the treats so yummy.
Aloha One Happy Crafter