Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Prize Is In the Bag

I hope that you are decorating your Ben Franklin Crafts reusable green shopping bag to enter in our contest. We know that YOU could be the winner of the 1st place $100 gift card prize. Read our digital newsletter to learn how to enter our craft club member contest. Remember the contest deadline is March 17th!
As for me, I'm crafting a birthday present and it's for ME! After doing some major magazine reading and looking through my stash of beads (my favorite part of making jewelry except for wearing my creation), I finally decided that what I want is a bracelet with pink, grey, and brown gemstone beads. I plan to work on my birthday bracelet this weekend and I'll post a photo of the finished gift to myself. Crafting is a great way to make something personal for the special people in your life, but be sure to sometimes make something pretty for yourself too. You deserve to feel special. Who knows better than you what you want?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn
can you please have signs made for the stores so we can promote your event i think its just fab can we enter too one happy crafter

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lynn! Have a good one!