Friday, September 11, 2009

Island Jewelry Using Tubular Mesh

Sometime ago I purchased a product called. Tubular Mesh by Beadsmith. I saw some pretty jewelry made with it and I was intrigued, but I put it aside and got involved with other craft projects. Well, Imagine It focal shell pendants, Swarovski glass pearls, and new shell/gemstone bead stands provided the inspiration I needed to design a project with the tubular mesh.

The tubular mesh is rather like the tube netting used to make candy leis, except that it is smaller and made of metal. These properties allow the tubular mesh to pass through the holes of beads as well as encase small-holed beads (like pearls). When you choose your beads for this project be sure that the holes of your beads (the ones you plan to string) are fairly large or you will have to do some drilling. When the mesh is collapsed it becomes a cord which can be finished off with a hook and eye crimp clasp (one with a large hole).

Because I live on a tropical island, it seems natural that the jewelry I design often has an ocean theme. I like the fact that tubular mesh gives a look of a miniature fish net around the beads. The tubular mesh is fun to work with because it can be filled with small objects found while beachcombing to make a memory necklace. I hope that you will try this product to make some interesting jewelry for yourself or for gifts.

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