Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bollywood Necklace

Ever since the movie, Slum Dog Millionaire, became a big hit; fashion and music have become influenced by the culture of India. When I first saw the glass, clay, and plastic 'Beyond Beautiful' beads from Cousins Corp., I immediately thought of making 'Bollywood' (the name given to this new trend) jewelry. Combining the beads with the Beadalon silver plated links gave the jewelry lots of 'bling bling' and movement. I especially love the beads with small mirrors embeded in them. As much as I love semi-precious gemstone beads, this new line of beads at Ben Franklin Crafts is really appealing and inexpensive. The directions for making this jewelry set will appear on our craft club website, http://www.bfcraftclub.com/ .

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