Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello Kitty Chocolate Box Card

I finally started playing around with the Hello Kitty Sizzix embossing folders I purchased a while back. I usually emboss on white core cardstock and sand the raised area to highlight the design, but this time I decided to emboss on the pieces of vellum and pearlized paper I had in my scrap drawer. I really liked the look of the embossed pearlized paper. I discovered the HK embossed flower frame fit exactly on a standard card blank. To match the pearlized paper I rubbed a little Lumin Arte powder (grapefruit) on the card after embossing. (The Hello Kitty character design is from a different embossing set than the frame.) The hardest part of making this card was choosing the right ribbon from my boxes of live ribbon hatchlings. You know what I mean about those multiplying ribbon babies. If you don't understand how anyone can have a ribbon collection then you aren't a REAL crafter. Anyway, besides being obsessed with Hello Kitty designs, I think that I am an incurable chocoholic. As I was making this card I started visualizing a fantasy box of Hello Kitty.chocolate cherries. Don't you think that this card design would make a good box cover for chcolates? How about it Sanrio? Okay now I HAVE to eat that last piece of chocolate cherry cordial. MMMMM-mmm-m-m Hmm-m-m maybe I can recycle my real chocolate box into something LOL.


Cheryl said...

Hey Lynn, I love that embossing folder too! It really does look perfect for a box of chocolates. I'm addicted to See's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn mee too r crazy about ribbon nice cards love the kitty
one happy crafter