Friday, August 21, 2009

Crocodile Suitcase Box

About the same time that I purchased the Sizzix suitcase box die cutter (from BFC) I also bought several 12x12 cardstock sheets, paper booklet, chipboard set, and album kit of K and Co. in the new animal alphabet designs. When thinking about which paper to use with the suitcase die, I realized that the crocodile (or is it an alligator?) design would be a funny one to use because of the association with bags/shoes made from their leather. I cut the design out wrong (twice!) because the Sizzix instructions were for solid colored paper not cardstock with one-sided think carefully before you cut. (You should only need one 12x12 sheet to make the box.) After assembling the box I glued on googly eyes and made the luggage tag by stamping a Hero Arts crocodile stamp (from a clear set) and the words 'Smile Crocodile' (from the same stamp set). The mustard colored crocodile skin paper used for the tag was cut from another sheet of K and Co. paper (the one with the alphapbet animal squares). Because the paper was glossy and the air in Hawaii humid the Smooch green ink did not dry quickly and took a full night to set. I attached a tiny strip of adhesive velcro to the luggage tag strap so that it can be removed and reattached. The flower is from the box of chipboard pieces that is also from K and Co. To fill the box as a party favor you can always use candy but I think for a crafting party maybe you could give gift tags (like the ones shown here made from alphabet squares) or small gift cards. Right now Ben Franklin Crafts has a boatload of super cute erasers which could be used to fill the suitcase for a young boy's party.
SALES! When shopping at Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts I came upon a Swarovski crystal sale. Packages of 100 crystals were selling for 40% off. Since I use the crystals often in my jewelry I bought lots of them. Remember you get the craft club discount too. I'm not sure how long this sale lasts and if you miss the crystal sale, you can still find bargains at the red tag clearance this week. Unbelievably, anything with red tags (which means items are already on sale) are sold at an additional 50% off. I found some terrific semi-precious bead strands that were a deal at 50% off and this week you can buy them for an additional 50% off. They are almost free! Be sure you get in on this super sale. There are other items on 50% off red tag so go check out the bargains! Okay, I hope that you are happy that you visited this blog site and that you'll come back again to see what I have to say or show. Thanks!

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