Monday, August 10, 2009

Collecting Possibilities

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that I love poking around in antique shops and pawing through stuff at flea markets. I'm not sure what forces make it impossible for me to resist vintage items with what I call 'possibilities', but I do know I search everywhere and I've found treasures (maybe only to me) in unexpected places. Recently, a trip to Boston yielded several old cameos (all less than $20, except for the largest one) which I plan to incorporate into one-of-a-kind jewelry. A search in a big red barn called 'Oldies' was rewarded by a cache of antique buttons sewn onto strips of paper and priced about $1 each. Some of the buttons will be used in jewelry and some will be used for impressing silver Art Clay to make fine silver beads. The blue and white platter is one of my favorite purchases of the trip because it was a bargain and a collectible turn-of-the-century piece that is a marked 'flow blue' with an impressed rim....just the kind of piece I love! Maybe now I NEED to bake some cookies or scones to serve from the platter. M-mmm-m-m! There are so many wonderful collectibles and affordable antiques everywhere that you just need to keep your eyes open and think of the possibilities.

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