Friday, June 24, 2011

Recycled Notebook with Pen

Here's what I did with one of the Sierra Pacific $1 recycled paper faux leather notebooks. I was rushing to make a quickie hostess gift for an aunt. Because the SP notebook was on my desk, I grabbed it and began my 15 minute project. From my Asian paper scrap drawer, I found a 'too good to toss' Christmas card from my husband's friend in Japan. After cutting out the decorative panel, I noticed a fold which I wanted to hide so I searched through the drawer again. Luckily, I discovered just the right red printed paper with gold foil highlights. There was enough of the paper to cover the flaw in the panel and cover the pen as well. Voila! The recycled notebook decorated with recycled paper was done. Oh, the double happiness sticker was purchased from Ben Franklin Crafts (er, a few years ago....they still might have these in stock). Even my husband was impressed with the clever use of recycled material and perhaps now he can understand why I save every pretty wrapping paper, postcard, stamp, and greeting card that we receive. Well, maybe he still doesn't get it but he'll tolerate the mess. Okay dear, I'll clean up the craftroom...promise....reeeeally...heeheeeheee!


kris said...

you sure only took 15 mins?? hehe!! awesome "recycled" project!! i really love it... there is an excuse to save everything right?! have a great weekend!!!

Shirley N said...

I went to BF the other day and passed on this notebook, now I wish I bought one, lol. Very nice Lynn, thanks for the inspiration!

Joy said...

I picked up some of these, too. Couldn't believe they came with the pen and it is finished so nice. Love how you added to it! Great project!