Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Lockers, mini stores for handmade crafts

Have you heard about My Locker, the latest place for crafters to sell their work?   Ben Franklin Crafts has recently installed clear acrylic lockers for crafters to rent.  In these lockers crafters can display and sell their work.  Shown in the photo above are just eight of the spaces rented by local crafters.  Rent for locker space is determined by the location on the rack (lowest lockers are cheaper than those at eye level).
Here is a photo of a locker renter who did an attractive display of his/her work. Most of the items were ocean themed so the space was cleverly decorated with a treasure chest, starfish, etc.  All the items were priced and the locker was not over-crowded.
These are some of the jewelry pieces that I purchased from the lockers at Mapunapuna BFC.  Even though I make jewelry, I was impressed by the great craftsmanship and reasonable prices.  The earrings were made by employee, Lynn Hashino, and the necklace around it was from the ocean-themed locker (sorry I don't know the crafter's name).  If you like mood jewelry, you might be interested in the color-changing necklaces that I bought (the two on the right). From the Market City lockers I found a lovely ceramic cup and some drilled shells (no photo).   Not all the Ben Franklin Craft stores have lockers yet, but please keep checking if you are interested in buying or selling crafts. It's not too early to shop for Christmas gifts and I think you will be very pleased by the handcrafted items you will find in the lockers at Ben Franklin Crafts.


Creations by Shirl said...

What a fantastic way of getting the outsider's involve with selling their crafts.. Love the idea, and it will definitely motive many to get their hidden talents of their crafts displayed out to the public to be sold.... Will have to check it out on my next trip to the store...

yyam said...

We have these locally too. It's a great to showcase an artist's work in the retail space.

Looks like you bought some lovely pieces! :)

P/s: Thank you for the lovely package of goodies you sent. Can't wait to play!

eva said...

i've seen those lockers! such a great way to showcase the work of some talented people!