Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Ten Minute Valentine Shaker Card

I'm like a little kid when it comes to shaker cards.....I just can't help playing with them...LOL!  The trouble with making one is that it usually takes some effort to assemble.  When I saw one made from a printed acetate sheet ( sorry, I can't remember whose blog had it) taped with washi tape, I thought that I could make one in 10 minutes, if I started with a printed clear front bag.
 I found the perfect size, color and print bag (Heiko) at HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts.  I also purchased (from BFC) a package of pearlized red cards and envelopes because the color and size was just right for this shaker card.  I cut off about an inch of the bag top and put some red sprinkles (Sierra Pacific) and punched out hearts into the bag before sealing it off with Merikan tape.  Next I used the washi tape to adhere the shaker bag to the card front. Voila! The 10 minute Valentine shaker card was done. I put a Heiko sticker on the back of card just because it add just the right touch.  You could put more decorations on the outside of the bag, but I decided to invest my time into decorating the inside of the card.
Since this card is going to be mailed to my cat-loving son (who has a rather large, non-meowing cat), I chose the 'Has Hugz' Art Impressions 3 piece stamp set.  The set even comes with an action wobble spring and the cute words that I stamped in a word bubble die cut with a Paper Smooches thin die.
I hope this photo shows you how much the wobble spring moves...hahaha!  I love playing with any moving parts on cards....what a big kid yeah?  Well, there it is..... The 10 minute (not counting the cat part) shaker card.....go make and play with your own..... LOL!


Unknown said...

How cute is that shaker card with a printed bag! Such a neat idea and love the wobble.

Creations by Shirl said...

Cute idea and unique!

Creations by Shirl said...
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Leanne said...

hehehe, so fun Lynn!! Love the inside too, I bet your son gets one big LOL outta it!

eunice said...

You always come up with the BEST cards for your son and hubby! Thank you for the "how to" on the shaker...I've always shied away from shaker cards because of all the work...but I think I can handle this 10 minute one! As always, I love seeing your creations because you always use the neatest supplies...what a very cool that from BFC?