Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Exciting New Products are Bloomin' at HM Ben Franklin Crafts

If you are like me, you have been anxiously watching for the new merchandise to arrive at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  In Hilo they have just started trickling in and I am going nuts trying to decide what to buy.....I want it all!  For those of you who love flowers, I know you won't be able to resist the new packages of Petaloo blossoms.  If you'd rather make your own flowers, you are going to love the new quilling dies from Quilling Creations....lots of quilling kits have arrived too.
Spellbinders is a company who produces unbelievably beautiful and intricate dies.  These are just a few of the ones that I couldn't resist when shopping at Ben Franklin Crafts.  I assure you that there are lots more styles at the store and I will be of course getting more soon.
Finally, here are just a few of the new paper packs which just jumped into my shopping basket.  I was happy with the romantic floral 12x12 packages which were just the right size and price.  Probably the most unique paper pack was the washi paper stack.  Like washi tapes, these paper stacks have waxy, repositionable printed papers.  I also picked up packs of burlap paper, foil printed on kraft paper, shimmer sheets, gauze and double sided blackboard paper.  It's hard to describe these gorgeous papers; I guess you'll just have to visit the BFC stores and see for yourself.  I know I will be using these products in my upcoming projects.  I hope you'll come back to check out my creations.  Thanks for stopping by!


eva said...

wow! lots of fun crafty stuff! hopefully i'll be able to stop by a ben franklin soon!

Cami said...

Where have I been? This is a lot of new crafting goodies to check out! Looks like I'll be stopping by soon now that vacation trips are done!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

I LOVE dies, gotta check 'em out.

yyam said...

Oh my. That is a great score! I LOVE the burlap papers. Have fun with your new haul!

Leanne said...

Oh nice purchases. I'm trying to be good but you sure make it hard. Guess its a good thing I live in LA. :)
Looking forward to all your projects! Have a nice long weekend!