Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween Treat Jars

After turning the berry basket into a Halloween treat basket, I started looking for other dies that could be used to hold treats.  I discovered the Sizzix jar and spoon die which I thought would be cute and could hold just the right amount of candy and/or small gifts.
The monster 12x12 Carte Bella card stock  I purchased at HM Ben Franklin Crafts had appropriate graphics and was of a weight sturdy enough for this project.  To make the jar and spoon more realistic I added a pieces of silver vellum to the jar top and spoon bowl  A cute monster button (with the shank cut off) was a fun addition to the candy jar spoon.
 From this photo you can see that I used clear acetate to form the side of the jar.  I also die cut acetate to go over the jar front and back to make them shiny like a real jar.  The 'hairy' ribbon is just some leftover lei yarn and the skull pick (red dye painted over the wood part) came from a cupcake Halloween decoration set. I think the fiberfill makes a spooky 'smoke' to stuff between the treats in the jar.  The paper (MME, I think) for this jar was a bit too thin for the project so I used spray adhesive to glue it to some cardboard before die cutting the pieces.
I think you will have lots of crafting fun if you purchase this die.  It would make sweet baby shower table favors or a unique gift box for a birthday present.  I know that your creative mind is already making plans of how to use  this wonderful Sizzix die from BFC.  Wouldn't it be a perfect gift for one of your crafty friends?  Okay, time to do some holiday shopping and crafting!


eva said...

this is a super cute idea! love the little jar!

Annette Allen said...

haha so totally FUN.. you have such great ideas and they always make me smile.. :)

Happy Monday Lynn

Leanne said...

hahaha!! these are two great projects! the fun details really stand out. Wowee!! these are really cool!!