Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bumper Crop = Jam Time!

Funny Story:  Years ago my son gave us a starfruit tree for a Xmas gift, but sadly it never produced a single fruit in over 7 years.  In frustration we decided to chop it down and buy a new tree, but first we went to the garden shop and asked a few questions.  We were told that all we needed to do was add a little lime to the soil. Like a miracle this year we had an abundance of starfruit! Of course we couldn't give away or eat all the fruit so I turned this bumper crop into jam and li hing mui!  The crafter in me had to jazz up the jam jars with pretty paper toppers.  I applied some Little B washi tape to vellum paper (thinner paper works better) and cut them into rounds with scalloped or pinking (zigzag) shears. Next I fastened the paper toppers with either pipe cleaners, gold elastic, or wire star garlands.  To the star jar (clever huh...matches the starfruit) I added a star label (cut with a Sizzix die).  For the candy cane jar I attached a jingle bell (sounds like Xmas!), glued on a silver snowflake and wrote directly on the topper. All of this takes just a few minutes but really adds to the holiday feel of a simple homemade gift.  Of course these decorating craft items came from HM Ben Franklin Crafts where you can find so many things that will help turn your Christmas gifts into something special.


Annette Allen said...

so glad you figured out your tree and look yummy fruit.. yay..

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Wow, the wonders of lime. It's fun to eat starfruit, one wedge at a time. Really love how you decorated the jars. Happy, happy holidays!

eva said...

wow, really? just add lime? who would've thought? so great that you could jam from all your star fruit. the jars look so cute!