Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bottle Shaker Thank You Cards

 Recently, I was treated to a delicious lunch at my friend's home. I wanted to send her a special thank you card to let her know that I had a marvelous time.  Since I just purchased a set of bottle dies and a set of small cat dies, I decided to make a shaker card.  The cat is there because she has a miracle black cat who survived despite the odds against him.  It was simple work to die cut the opening, back it with acetate and use double stick tape to adhere a foam cut-out to the back (gives depth for the sequins).
Here is a close up of the card.  The butterfly is from HM Ben Franklin Crafts and the cork was cut from textured card stock. I cut a slit in the acetate to insert the cork.  The die set comes with the cork and label dies as well as several sizes of bottles.
 Here is another version of the card for my emergency stash card box.  Remember: You'll need lots of thank you cards after Xmas.  It's always just as easy to make two when you already have the supplies out. The flower sequins are pretty but tend to get stuck in the sides because they are so thin and flat so I suggest using seed beads/regular sequins.
 These die and stamp sets have so many possibilities that they make my creative juices overflow  and the gears of my brain whirl non-stop.  Hope the holiday season makes you craft crazy too! 


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Great shaker cards and all the more special adding the black cat for your friend's card.

Unknown said...

Yay for shaker cards! Love what you did!!