Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Envelope

I meant to put this with the zombie brain card on the previous post but you old brain is going....maybe the zombies are nibbling on it....LOL!  Anyway, I wanted to show you how to use those less than pristine envelopes that are just too good to throw away.  I put my envelope 'seconds' in my Halloween supply box so I can mess it up with spooky stamped  images....a quick and money-saving trick.  I used red distress ink to make it extra gory. Beware that sometimes if your envelope 'blood' is too realistic the post office with rip it up....really, it happens.....can't they tell?  You might want to put this card in another envelope....*smile*!
I miss-stamped the 'zombie?' but I think this double image gives him some movement.  This zombie image and words are from a Pink Hippo stamp set. Another tip:  If your foam stamp (the big cat) is stored on something with texture it will pick up that texture and mar your future images. To undo this flaw, moisten the foam and heat it slightly with a heat gun.  I cleverly thought of this all by myself....pat, pat, pat on my back!  Happy Halloween!


eva said...

spooky! and i love the fun sentiment. great way to use those envelopes and not waste.

Leanne said...

i'd be afraid to open these!! hahaha! pretty spooky but a really cool idea for those envelopes. nice tip too! give yourself around of applause! Have a great weekend Lynn!

Unknown said...

So smart! I can't believe I've been tossing the discolored ones. Love this idea and thanks for the tip, so realistic!