Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Treat Bag Card

 Because the Halloween items at HM Ben Franklin Crafts are 30% off, I bought a few things for next year.  (I've already finished my Halloween crafts and bagged my treats.)  But then, I watched this week's Joy of Crafting and was inspired by Kelli's card using washi tape to form a shaker bag. *light bulb moment* I could make a shaker card using the treat bags I just bought!

Here is what I came up with....sorry for all the glare.  I cut the bag apart so if desired I could make two cards from each bag.  I stuck the bag front to a piece of vellum using foam mounting tape to give the sequins a little shaking room.Then I simply taped this shaker pocket down with Halloween washi many to choose from at BFC..easy peasy!

To let the vellum frostiness show, I cut a window in the front of the card before taping the shaker pocket down.  Although this is not a super fancy card (no embellishments here), it is quick and easy....just what I want in a Halloween craft project.  Hope that you'll visit HM Ben Franklin Craft stores to satisfy your Halloween crafting needs and don't forget items like the washi tapes and treat bags I used on this project are on 30% off right now....hurry and shop before they run out!


yyam said...

Super cute! Washi tape certainly makes it a lot easier!
Kudos on finishing all your Halloween crafts!

Leanne said...

What a great idea!! I bought some of those bags but they have a shape to them. You've given me the inspiration to try anyways. Thank you Lynn!!