Sunday, April 17, 2016

Friend Forever Butterfly Card

 This card was inspired by the beautiful Little B die cutter set, which I purchased from HM Ben Franklin Crafts. I happened to have some pretty butterfly printed card stock so I paired it with a pastel pink vellum.  It was simple work to cut the parts with the die and cut the words using the Sizzix word dies. (This die set has wonderful, multi-use words.) The little tricky part was finding the little pieces to glue into the letters like the 'f'', 'd', and 'e', but not to worry there will be lots of 'extra' pieces leftover from the die cutting the butterfly.  I sprayed Elmer's adhesive on the back of the vellum because other glues might show.  I protected the butterfly with washi tape before spraying because I wanted it to remain free floating.(Because it's vellum, the light-weight butterfly flutters on the card.)
I truly love the way this card turned out. The soft pink shades and the sentiment, make it suitable for many occasions.  This one goes into my emergency card stash. Thanks for stopping by.
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