Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Resin Charms and Flower Necklace

In my last blog post I featured a pretty little die cut box with a flower topper.  I teased you with a promise to tell you what I would create to put in the box.  Well, I decided to make a resin pastry charm. It's so easy to fashion with the L Bell kit, UV resin, and a UV light.  I love the kits because they have EVERYTHING included, even ENGLISH instructions!
 I made two other flower topped boxes and resin items to put in them.  This necklace is made with real flowers that are resin strengthened and attached to a lace backing.  The die cut sentiment pieces attached to the boxes are from a Kaiser Craft package of die cuts that match their romantic card stock papers.
 Here is another L Bell purse charm that was completely made from a kit that contained everything needed except the UV light and resin.  Attention Hilo crafters:  A large selection of L Bell products will soon be sold in the Hilo HM Ben Franklin Crafts store. There will be lots of kits and other items to please your resin crafting desires. Happy Crafty Shopping!

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yyam said...

Oh my. So pretty! I need of one of those kits!