Thursday, January 10, 2019

Shopping at Daiso

Have you been able to shop at our new Daiso store in Pearl City?  Don't let the line to get in discourage you because there are so many fabulous items almost all for $1.50 each. Yes, that's right practically everything is only one dollar and fifty cents!  I bought lots of dishes (porcelain and glass), kitchen items and storage items. I forgot to photograph them and already put them to use. Here are the stationery items I selected. The three plain white bags with the colorful twine handles ( for only $1.50) are a great bargain for crafters who like to decorate bags.  I love the Japanese print note pads and unique origami paper....can you believe they are only $1.50?  I even got stockings, wash cloths and zippered plastic pouches that I plan to fancy up with fabric, paper or stamped images.  I went  twice to the store in the few short days I was in Honolulu and I purchased in total three Daiso shopping bags of fantastic bargains.  Don't worry there are still new items coming in constantly. You never know what you'll find at the Daiso store but it is sure to be a good deal. Happy Diaso Shopping!


Annette Allen said...

how fun.. we got one of those stores here in CA. I love going in there. So many fun things to buy for cheap.. Enjoy your goodies.

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Holy cow Lynn, you sure bought a LOT of stuff. Nice haul to bring back home. I saw the LONG line on FB, really crazy. So nice to have a Daiso in Hawaii. Hope they'll open one in Hilo. Love that store!!! Have fun playing with all your new items.