Saturday, February 23, 2019

"Omiyage' Bringing Home a Gift of Thanks

Local folks know that when you return from a trip it is customary to bring home gifts for family, friends, and those who helped to make your trip enjoyable.  This gift is called an 'omiyage'. I really should make decorated 'omiyage' bags before I go on a trip....but you know how time doesn't allow this.  Therefore, after returning from the Tucson Rock and Gem Show I had to make a quick bag and tag. These were inspired by the Japanese minimalist style and used just a few sheets of origami paper.
I used a Sizzix circle die set to cut the 'o'  and wrote in the rest of the of the word freehand. Using a die from my frequently used Little B tag set, I did a similar design on the tag which I will use on plain handled bag. The 'o' could be cut with oval dies but I felt the circle 'o' had a more Asian look.

I hope this post has inspired you to make simple, quick 'omiyage gift bags and tags.  They really only take a few minutes and will make the recipient feel very special and know that you are grateful for them.  Okay, go use up those origami paper scraps!


eunice said...

This is such a great idea, Lynn! Your gift bags have that special Asian infused "designer flair" and look so good. The die cut "o" really adds a special touch... gosh, I wish I had your eye for design and talent to put patterns together quickly to create like you do! Amazing!

Joy said...

Hi Lynn!

Theses are very pretty!And a great use of those basic dies!