Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Real Lavender Resin Pendant and Watercolor Greeting Card Kit

 Here are two more gifts that are going to another birthday girl.  The first one is a resin pendant made in a flat rectangular silicon mold. I filled it with real sprigs of lavender from a Hokaido lavender farm. I added some pieces of rosemary (from my windowsill herb pot) because the lavender leaves all fell off in transit.  I think the combination of plants looks rather realistic.  Not in the supplies photo, but truly necessary, I added a few drops of gel cleanser to release the pendant from the mold.  In the bottom photo you can see that the BD gal will also be receiving a watercolor kit that I purchased at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  This Faber Castell product has all she'll need to make some super watercolored greeting cards. Included in the kit are watercolors, a paint brush, stencils, a pen, blank cards and color pencils.  I think this is a great way to get someone started in designing greeting cards. It would be good for passing time during a long trip....I think I'll get myself a kit for my next plane ride!


Unknown said...

That kit made the birthday gal so happy cause she could create very easily with all the tools in one place. Just loved it!

Annette Allen said...

aww what a sweet gift and yay for Lavender.. awesome gift idea.