Wednesday, May 22, 2019

DIY Resin Hair Clips and Page Markers

What can you do with stickers and resin?  You can create a multitude of cute hair clips and page markers.  I just love stickers but couldn't think of a reason to keep buying them.  Then the idea came to me to resin them onto hair clips and pins.  I think I found the findings in the HM resin department but you can also get them from stores like Daiso. 

It is so easy to attach the stickers to the findings with the resin (especially if you use the LED kind that requires no mixing and hardens in 1 minute under LED light).  The LED resin is available from Padico (online) and should soon be selling in HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  If the stickers have a puffy or waterproof front there is no need to apply the resin to the front, but I like the raised shiny surface that the resin gives to the front of the sticker so I apply the resin to the front and back of the piece.

The page markers (for journals or books) could be used for hair pins too but I think they look very attractive in my journal.  The easiest pins to use have the round pad on one end because they give a good base for the resin.  Lots of local stores do sell a variety of pins and clips that you can combine with the endless choice of stickers at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  I hope that you will try creating your own style of hair clips/page markers using resin and stickers. Have crafty DIYfun!
PS: My observant husband noticed that some of the hair clip stickers would not be facing the right way when the hair clips are worn...isn't  he smart! Be sure you place the stickers the right way before applying the permanent resin to the clips! If there are some rough spots after hardening the resin, you can smooth them away with a glass nail file.


Annette Allen said...

yay for cute hair clips.. these are amazing and so fun.. thanks for sharing.

eunice said...

Wow, these are SO CUTE!!! I have been trying so hard to resist taking the resin plunge but you and your fabulous resin projects keep reeling me in! Awww... these pins and clips really are adorable!!!