Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that all of you are working on your feast preparations. If you're not hosting the party, maybe you'll have time to craft some cupcake ornaments during the football game. (See the photograph for variations of the cupcake in the newsletter. Click on the photo to enlarge it.) The cupcake ornament (instructions in the last newsletter) is basically made from Hearty clay, which is decorated with plastic candy and beads. and then set in cupcake baking cups that have been stiffened with decoupage medium.
Don't forget that this Friday is the day to use the 40%off early bird (7am-9am) and 40% off late bird (7pm-9pm) coupons. While you're using your coupon, be sure to start doing some Christmas shopping and get your crafting supplies for making festive decorations. The holiday season is a wonderful time to craft together as a family. Crafting not only makes memories, it is also a great stress reliever.

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