Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pearl Earrings

A girlfriend asked me to make her a replacement for a lost pearl earring. This was no problem because I would surely be able to match the pearls. Even though I have lots of pearls, it wasn't that easy to find three pearls matching the size, shape, and color of the original earring, so I ended up making a new pair of earrings. The design simply involved using sterling wire to make loops on both ends of two of the pearls and using a sterling head pin on the bottom pearl and making a loop on top to connect it to the other two pearls. All three pearls were then attached to the pierced earring wire. While looking for the white pearls, I found other pearls that I thought would also make pretty earrings. Making these earrings was so easy that I am sure that anyone could do it. Handmade earrings make great gifts and craft fair items. I think that inviting friends over for an earring making tea party might be a wonderful holiday gift for several girlfriends. Oh, I put the earrings on mini cards made from leftover scrap paper and cardstock because I think that it is an attractive way to give a gift and it also makes a good presentation if you plan to sell your earrings. You can also write information about the earrings (beads, metal, etc.) inside the card and/or sign your name as the artist.

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