Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For the Guy Graduates

I remembered that we need to congratulate two more graduates and they are both guys so my oh-so-girly cards cannot be used. Because money is probably the most welcome graduation gift, I wanted to figure out a clever way to incorporate it on the card. Rather than fold the bill origami style, I decided to roll it into a diploma, tie it with a ribbon and adhere it to the card with Merikan double stick tape (place it on the ribbon not the money). The scrapbook paper used is from Kangaroo Post, but any graduation print will do or you can rubber stamp something in the background. I cut the black cap in a slightly off angled square to make it look like it was being tossed. The tassle was made from embroidery (maybe it was crewel) floss. To add a little more interest I glued on hand-cut confetti but you might want to stamp and emboss ' Class of 2009'. Anyway I hope this card gives you some ideas of what to make for your graduates. Thanks for visiting this blog. Please come back and visit again.